About Us

Who is behind Weed Seeds USA?

Weed lovin’ hippies thats who 😉 Nah fam, in all seriousness we are just a bunch of normal guys doing normal things. Living day to day appreciating all the small things in life and making the most of it.

We are fond believers of living and learning, as through the acquisition of knowledge we can change our lives for the better. It’s finally acknowledged in the US on the subject of cannabis.

Many have and are learning marijuana is not the dangerous drug it is portrayed to be in outdated media. Now weed is recreational in some states in the US and we believe this will help reduce stigma, convictions and boost the economy.

As more and more people come to terms with the fact that people who use weed aren’t just dead beat hippies who only want to get high, the better our perspective is on these individuals – as we can learn to better treat users at risk of substance abuse.

Just because someone uses weed doesn’t mean they are lazy stoners amirite..

The stereotypes aren’t necessarily true and the stigma needs to end to spread the true benefits of cannabis.

Many users who may need weed for medical reasons are depending on it to get better treatment. This is a life and death matter for some and things need to change to better create a healthier and more prosperous system.

Anyway, enough about that. Weed Seeds USA wants to help and we are passionate about it. We believe since more and more states are legalising marijuana for recreational and medical reasons, this is a sign that change is finally happening.

Will crime rates go down if weed is legal in the USA?

Of course! There will be less arrests if Americans follow the local law. If you follow the rules, there is no reason for you to be arrested. Just read up on the regulations in your area before cultivating weed.

As laws lift in the states of America, the less people will face conviction and go to prison for the use of the plant.

Is cannabis a profitable industry for America?

Well, you can let wiki answer that for you.

The total economic impact of the cannabis industry in the United States was $16-$18 billion in 2016 and is expected to reach $47.6-$68.4 billion by 2021

You can read the whole document here.

So essentially, weed is incredibly beneficial medically and economically. That’s why here at Weed Seeds America we love to talk about its benefits.