Frequently Answered Questions

It usually takes a week to get your seeds in the mail. Some people have gotten them in 3 days while others can take upto 2-3 weeks. With covid at the moment, it’s hard to tell.

We do include free cannabis seeds with some offers. Look out for the 10 seeds purchased and 10 seeds free marijuana deals. White Widow is an excellent, cost effective double up seed offer you can check out here.

Our cannabis seeds are guaranteed to sprout. If they don’t, we will replace them free of charge. Untill then, follow our germination guide here to learn the basics.

Heres a quick instructional video from ILGM to teach you about the correct germination procedure for cannabis seeds.

You will see what environment your marijuana seeds will thrive in on the product page.

Weed Seeds USA invests a lot of energy and time into making sure our customers are equipped with the information they need to grow weed and succeed.

As we all know, nature runs its own course thus disabling us from guaranteeing ideal outcomes for your marijuana seeds in the USA.

Our best recommendation is to check out our germination guide to help ensure you get the best from your harvest.

If theres a struggle to get your marijuana seeds to sprout, please refer to the guide first before contacting us. If your seeds don’t sprout from reading the germination guide, we will replace your seeds for free.

Don’t throw away the seeds that didn’t sprout, we will use them for analysis.

The seeds which are duds will be replaced with the same strain and the same amount of lost seeds.

Most growers keep their seeds in a cool, dark and dry environment. If you can’t find an ideal place to store your marijuana seeds, just place them in your cupboard or drawers.

To be on the safe side, grow your cannabis seeds before 12 months is up. Weed seeds will deteriorate over time so its best to make use of them before they expire.