Free Cannabis Seeds

Some of our cannabis strains come with free weed seeds. If your looking for great freebies, you can find these free seeds on our shop to snap up a bargain. Some strains such as White Widow have free seeds included in every order.

When you shop with us, we look after you. We do our best to provide the best deals possible from our company.

Getting free marijuana seeds couldn’t be simpler when your with us. Not only do we have great incentives, but we have great people working with us to provide you the best service and products.

What other strains other than White Widow do we provide free cannabis seeds with every order?

We also have Zkittles Feminized & Autoflower, Super Skunk Feminized and Super Silver Haze Feminized.

some free weed seeds USA

Are the marijuana seeds high quality?

The free seeds we offer are promotional and as good as any other marijuana seeds we have in stock. Rest assured the free cannabis seeds are of premium quality – after all, it’s our reputation on the line therefore we want you to be happy with them to encourage good feedback.

As previously mentioned, strains such as White Widow feminized is one of the strains that have freebies included. Just as a background on White Widow, this strain has been around since the 90’s and was extremely popular. This was bred by Green House Company owner Shantibaba and his Dutch business partner Arjan. If you want a great strain perfect for beginners, White Widow is perfect for your time and money as a newbie.

To get the best result at the end of your grow, you must first purchase high quality seeds beforehand. We know this and want to provide the best entry for new marijuana growers by offering free, high quality seeds to grow with.

If you get a brilliant outcome, we do to! We know you are more likely to recommend us to your connections when you get exceptional returns.

Happy Growing!