Blueberry Autoflower

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» All autoflowers are female

» 80% Indica 20% Sativa

» THC Averaging 14%

» Suitable for indoor/out

» Great for unwinding

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Blueberry is a very popular cannabis strain that has been the subject matter of a song which famous rapper Ludacris made. The song title is Blueberry Yum Yum, here’s a link to the official youtube video.

Blueberry Autoflower Marijuana Strain Attributes

Characteristics of Blueberry Cannabis Strain

Blueberry Autoflower Cannabis Seeds Info

Blueberry has got characteristics which is it’s beautiful appearance and bubble gum like aroma that hits well and tastes of bubble gum.

If you want a cannabis strain that has been around since the 70’s, try out our blueberry autoflower marijuana strain. We have saved this wonderful seed to preserve its genetics and keep it in the gene pool.

In 2000, Blueberry won the High Times award for ‘Best indica’ during the cannabis cup. Its a great strain to start off as its hardy and resilient.

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  1. Andrew

    Very secure payment systems in place, this is very important for me considering everything can go wrong with online orders. Its a huge factor for me that payments are secure and they are big on this. Would give 10 star service if possible!!!!

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