Gold Leaf

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» Indica 60% x Sativa 40%

» THC average of 21%

» High yielding marijuana strain

» Robert Bergman’s own strain!

» All seeds are feminized

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Weed Seeds USA Benefits and Features

This is the strain that ILGM’s Robert Bergman has bred themselves and loved. He raised her to be a large, bud-covering plant that is easy to grow, has an average flowering time, and produce very high yields.

Gold Leaf Marijuana Strain Attributes

Gold leaf by Robert Bergman Cannabis Seeds for the US

With an indica dominant stock, she boasts a unique and stimulating scent that you will soon fall in love with. Gold leaf seeds grow well in both indoor and outdoor settings and produces very powerful buds that you will love.

4 reviews for Gold Leaf

  1. Vince Upton

    I want something that is easy to grow but yields a lot of product. Gold Leaf is just what I want as it’s good to grow a low-maintenance product. Although you can do more with other products, this meets my needs perfectly.

  2. Earl Butler

    Who curates Weed Seeds’ selection? You seem to have one of the finest cannabis seed banks in the USA and I’m curious as to how something like Gold Leaf makes the grade. I love the blend of 60% Indica and 40% Sativa because it’s a formula you don’t see all the time (at least I don’t). It’s usually heavy one way or the other.

  3. Jackson

    Packaging is definitely discreetly and surprisingly faster than expected! I hope to try a bigger order soon as I just wanted to test their service for now.

  4. Hugh Matthews

    High yield and love the smell! It was actually my first time to try it and I’m hear to order a couple more…. I can’t get enough of it. BTW, I appreciate the quick delivery. Great service.

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