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March 17, 2022

The popularity of marijuana has sparked interest in many people, some intending to grow their own cannabis plants. As a result, the number of online seeds banks selling different marijuana strains have EXPLODED to meet the burgeoning demand for cannabis seeds.

A ton of cannabis seed banks for the US have all marketed themselves as the best online seed banks which charge affordable prices, provide exceptional customer service, and offer lightning-fast delivery.

Are they all equally good? Unfortunately not. They all vary in terms of the value they deliver and the prices they charge.

The presence of seed banks has intensified with competition, and compels suppliers to improve the quality of their products and services.

Finding a reliable marijuana seed bank can prove a daunting task for buyers, especially those new to cannabis cultivation.

If you need help to choose the best marijuana seed bank, we will try to make things easier for you. When you start searching to find a reputed seed bank, you will come across a few names – Seedsman is one of them.

In the following lines, we will shed light on what value Seedsman delivers to their customers and why you should purchase your marijuana seeds from them. Let us jump into it.

Seedsman, who are they?

Seedsman Review USA 2022
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Seedsman is an online seed bank offering quality marijuana seeds to growers from all over the world – and yes, that includes the USA. They are a reputed brand, widely appreciated for their contributions to the legalization of marijuana in Canada and other parts of the world.

Since their start nearly 18 years ago (launched in 2002), Seedsman quality seeds have won the trust of breeders and growers alike worldwide.

What are the pros and cons of Seedsman?

To offer a transparent and honest review, we would like to share both pros and cons to allowing users to make the best-informed decision about their marijuana seeds purchase.

Seedsman Pineapple Express Seeds
Pineapple Express from Seedsman

Seedsman Pros

  • Multiple payment options and promotions
  • Large selection of seeds
  • Free guaranteed discreet shipping
  • Fast shipping times to Europe
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Users friendly website
  • Loyalty program

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OG kush strain up close
OG Kush from Seedsman

Seedsman cons

  • Limited germination support
  • Varying shipping costs
  • Charges for shipping guarantee
  • Lower than average customer service

Why should you purchase your marijuana seeds from Seedsman? The following factors make Seedsman your go-to online seed bank for marijuana seeds to grow your plants.

Seeds quality

Seedsman has been around for nearly two decades. Their focus on quality and consistency has helped them win the trust of their customers. The majority of their customers report a hassle-free germination experience.

They provide a germination guarantee to cover germination issues of customers living in countries or states where cannabis cultivation is legal.

Seedsman will help such customers to resolve their germination issues within 90 days. But you will not get their support if you live in states or countries wherein marijuana is illegal.

Most of the time, they deliver quality seeds free of any issues. The customer reviews report they experience little to no germination issues with Seedsman seeds. They have built a reputation as a quality marijuana seeds supplier over the years; you rest assured to get quality seeds from them.

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Seedsmans Peyote Gorilla Marijuana Seeds
Peyote Gorilla from Seedsman

Seed strain variety

The large seed strain selection is another feature that sets Seedsman apart from their competitors. They have an unbelievably large 4,400 strain seeds selection, even showcasing a few rare strains. Whatever marijuana strains you plan to grow, you will get seeds from Seedsman to successfully achieve your cannabis cultivation goals.

Whether you are a first-time grower, seasoned grower, or growing marijuana to meet your medical needs, you will get something from their ever-growing catalogue.


As mentioned earlier, the company has been in the seeds business for nearly two decades. They have customers almost from every corner of the world.

They are an established and legitimate business striving to meet users’ diverse marijuana-growing needs. Each time you purchase seeds from them, you can expect to get value for your money.

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Customer service

Seedsman has established a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate website that allows users to choose their required seeds without any fuss. Their website not only feels pleasant to the eyes but is equally handy. It offers several features to search out your required marijuana seeds.

You can sort the seeds by strains, genetic types, cultivation methods, and more to ensure you choose marijuana seeds that perfectly meet your preferences and requirements.

Their website contains relevant content that sheds light literally on almost every aspect of marijuana cultivation and growth. This knowledge can go a long way in helping you successfully grow your marijuana plants with the minimum possible hassle.

When you fail to find your required information or need any additional support, you can reach out to their customer service using email and country-specific customer service designated numbers. The customer reviews reveal it takes them less than 24-hours to address any customer query.

Payment method and return policy

You can pay for your seeds using a credit card, Bitcoin payment, bank transfer, or cash via mail; Seedsman is quite flexible to receive payments from their customers. To encourage cryptocurrency payments, Seedsman offers 15-20% to customers who pay through Bitcoin.

Seedsman has a clear refund and return policies; when you initiate them for a specific reason, your refund money goes via the same payment mode you chose when you created your order.

Buy Zkittlez marijuana strains
Zkittlez Cannabis Seeds Seedsman

Discreet shipping

Instead of charging a flat shipping fee to all customers, Seedsman customizes their delivery charges according to customers’ location. They send your stuff packed in secure, stealth packaging; only you know whats inside parcel.

If you want more perks, they offer trackable deliveries and delivery insurance. If your packet does not arrive for any reason, Seedsman will reship them without any additional payment.

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Product replacements

If you receive any damaged seeds, you can contact their customer service and get a replacement without any additional cost. They also allow customers to replace damaged seeds to get different strains other than what they originally purchased.

They will adjust the price difference by asking you to make an additional payment or get a refund to cover the price differences.

Final thoughts

Seedsman is a reputed seed bank addressing the quality seed needs of their customers since 2003. They have designed their operation to ensure their customers get quality seeds every time.

Being a customer-centric online seed seller, Seedsman seems to take care of all the issues which matter to the marijuana grower. Therefore, we recommend Seedsman to get quality seeds to grow your cannabis plants.

If you have anything to add such as feedback, reviews, questions, concerns etc. Please leave a comment below.

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  • This Seedsman review for the USA is absolutely on point! I recommend the writer of this post as he mentions all the valid points potential buyers should watch out for when buying from cannabis seedbanks online. Although Seedsman is based in Spain, they ship rather quickly to the United States and have incredible discounts and promotions. Much love fam #420 forever.

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