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A Mangyan smoking cannabis in the Philippines
September 6, 2023

After obtaining some maríhuwana in the Philippines, you’re at home with a bag of tasty weed and no idea how to smoke it. No worries—with a few basic tools, you’ll be able to get higher than the Boeing Co aeroplanes.

We’ll teach you how to smoke joints, bongs, and more in this educative article that presents itself as a beginner Cannabis University for Filipinos.

Tips for Noobs

First-time Pinoy cannabis smokers should go slow and not overdo it. It’s simple to smoke until the symptoms hit you if you’ve never gotten high, and you won’t know what to anticipate. We recommend taking one or two hits and waiting 15 minutes before taking more.

Avoid pressure to smoke more than you want. When other Flipinos keep asking you to have another toke, kindly say no! It’s ok.

Warning! Be prepared to cough. A lot..

Buy A grinder for marijuana

Grinding Up

First, crush that big nug into a fluffy mound of marijuana. You can use your fingers, but a Kmart wizzer is better! People believe a wizzer with numerous chambers will work better but the one from Kmart is good enough!

Throw away any stems (the hard, woody component holding the nug together).

The better you break down your weed, the more evenly and smoothly it will burn. Don’t rush.

Lighting Up!

Select an Appropriate Level of Temperature

For a more consistent, natural, and flavorless heat source, use a hemp wick instead of a butane lighter, which is the most frequent instrument for lighting weed.

Never Hold The Weed Smoke Too Long in Your Lungs!

The whole effect of pot requires inhaling the smoke, not merely holding it in your mouth like a cigar. Despite what you may hear, holding the hit in your lungs won’t boost your high. Nearly all THC is absorbed rapidly when it hits your lungs, so restricting your breath deprives your brain of oxygen and makes you dizzy.

Simple solution: take another hit to reach higher after the first one!

A teenager smoking weed in the Philippines 2023


Rolling a joint, among the most popular ways to smoke pot, is difficult. A pre-roll is always firmer and evenly-packed than a hand-rolled joint, ensuring a pleasant smoke.

We’ll guide you through the procedure if you have rolling papers, patience, and a high tolerance for frustration.

Rolling a Joint

Tear a 0.5″x1.5″ strip of stiff paper (like an index card) and roll it between your fingers to make a filter.

Place a single piece of rolling paper on the tabletop and place the filter in the folds, flush with one end.

Spread ½ gram of ground cannabis equally on paper with your finger, then carefully pinch the paper between the middle of your finger and thumb on each side.

Roll the paper back and forth between your hands to compact the cannabis securely and evenly into a tube (like rolling a Play-Doh snake).

Find the glued edge of the rolling paper (there will be a slightly darker strip on one side), tuck the unglued side into the roll, keep rolling until the glued side is flush with the roll, wet it slightly (with your tongue or a finger dipped in water), and press it firmly to make it stick.

Use a pen cap to pack everything down toward the filter one last time and twist the top to seal the junction.

Smoking the Joint

Joints and pre-rolls are smoked like cigarettes, although rolling your own may burn unevenly. Use these tips to avoid that.

Hold a lighter flame on the tip and carefully rotate the joint to ignite it. The lit tip (the “cherry”) should be strong and even on all sides before inhaling.

Blunt and marijuana buds


A blunt is like a joint but wrapped in a tobacco leaf cigar or blunt wrapper. If you’re not used to tobacco’s nicotine, you may feel nausea, dizziness, and headaches. Blunts are bigger and last longer than joints, but they produce more CO and are the least healthful smoking method. If you must have the whole Jay-Z experience, we’ll show you how to blunt.

Rolling a Blunt

Slice a cigar lengthwise with a razor blade and empty the tobacco. Uncurl a blunt wrap and place it on a flat surface.

Dip your finger into the water and slightly dampen the wrapper to make it more malleable and seal small tears.

Sprinkle 1–2 grams of ground weed into the wrapper and spread it evenly with your finger, depending on its size.

Hold the wrapper between your fingertips and carefully roll and tuck it into a tube-like joint. Add a little water to the outside or pull off the glued edge of a rolling paper to fix it if it cracks.

Fold one edge within and seal the opposite edge to the outside with your tongue or a wet finger after rolling the blunt tightly.

Finalize sealing your blunt by carefully running a lighter around the outside (particularly at the seam), being careful not to burn the wrapper.

How to Smoke Blunt

Like a joint, ignite the blunt tip before inhaling. After a solid cherry, take a few rapid puffs (not complete inhales) to get air into the blunt.

Once you’re running, you don’t need to smack with the blunt to continue keeping it lit. Take your time and enjoy a thick, tightly-packed blunt since it burns slowly for a longer session.


Pipes, also known as “pieces,” “bowls,” and “glass,” are a simple way to consume cannabis and come in several shapes, sizes, and materials. You put weed in one end, your lips in the other, and inhale to draw flame and smoke into your lungs. Just that!

Make sure the bowl’s bottom hole isn’t too big to fall or suck weed through while loading it. A stem, a larger chunk of unground weed, or “glass screen” can stop it if it’s too huge. Aluminium and other metals can release toxic chemicals when heated, so never use them as stoppers.

Straight Pipes

Smoking a straight pipe (sometimes termed a “single-hitter” or “chillum”) is simple. Press a pinch of ground cannabis into the top bowl and add more until full. Make sure it’s well packed so it won’t spill when held horizontally.

Unlike a joint, inhale as soon as you contact the flame of the cannabis. After lighting, remove the flame while maintaining the cherry burning with brief breaths to draw oxygen.

After finishing the bowl, tap out the residue and repeat!

Pot pipe with carbs

This common pipe has one extra function but is easy to master. The “carb” (a side hole) controls circulation for a stronger punch.

As previously, load the bowl and put your mouth on the mouthpiece. However, hold your thumb over the carb this time.

Start by lighting one side of the bowl and slowly sucking air through the mouthpiece. This will smoke the pipe. After a second or two, remove your thumb from the carb to let smoke into your mouth through the pipe. Voila!

A cherry should burn deep inside the bowl, depending on how tightly you packed it, but it won’t last long. To keep the flame going, pass the pipe to the next person or cover the bowl with your lighter (not your palm).


Smoking bong and marijuana

Beginners may find the intricate glass frightening, but if you can smoke a pipe, you can smoke a bong. Bongs (sometimes called “water pipes”) include a basin of water at the bottom to chill and filter smoke, allowing for greater hits and less lung strain.

How to Fill and Smoke a Bong

Pour water into the main chamber through the tube top. Add enough water to submerge the downstem (the glass tube connecting the bowl and chamber), but not so much that you suck it in when you hit. Add ice cubes to a pinched shelf at the top of the tube to cool it.

Place your mouth against the mouthpiece and fill the bowl with cannabis. Fill the chamber and tube with smoke by lighting the bowl and inhaling. After filling the bowl with smoke, carefully draw it out of the downstem to release it, like a pipe carb.

Other Ways

Joints, blunts, pipes, and bongs are just the beginning of cannabis enjoyment. There are several methods to enjoy pot, including dabbing, vaporizing, eating, and wearing.

Smoking Etiquette

Smoking in a company requires good etiquette. If the circle is too huge for one piece, load enough for everyone or start numerous pieces.

Always torch a small portion of the bowl at a time to preserve the “greens” by slowly working your way in. This won’t be a problem after the first light with a good cherry.

Finally, never take the host’s lighter!

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