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March 1, 2022

Welcome to Weed Seeds Oregon. The state of Oregon known for Crater Lake National Park, Columbia River, Gorge National Scenic Area, Multnomah Falls, Cannon Beach, Washington Park, Portland, Mount Hood National, Forest Bend Astoria and Hood River.

All sound like very nice places to light up a doobskin (Joint) and so the question is, are weed seeds and marijuana In general for that matter legal in Oregon?

Well.. Adults age 21 and older can possess and smoke cannabis within certain limits. Medical cannabis of Oregon state Act allows medical use of cannabis for qualifying medical conditions. Public use and driving while impaired remain illegal.

This means that yes cannabis in Oregon is legal for both medical and recreational use within certain grounds.

The people in Oregon for years now have celebrated the legal use of cannabis by culturally smoking joints in public to celebrate cannabis.

Now as for the harvesting of weed seeds and crops, it is possible

Anyone over 18+ in Oregon can posses and sell 4 plants and 10 seeds (OLCC), can sell medical marijuana to people under 18 but can only sell marijuana related paraphernalia to those who are 21+.

And yes edibles are also legal for recreational and medical use in Oregon. However there are qualifying symptoms to medicinal marijuana in edible form.

So before you walk into a doctors office and tell them that you want or need a cannabis card, they WON’T give it to you unless you have qualifying conditions witch means you have to have epilepsy or cancer to get a cannabis card in Oregon.

You must have a condition like OMMP to literally get weed the same way you get over the counter drugs. The pot is high quality and yes you can choose between indoor or outdoor marijuana buds. So yeah, before applying for your card, you must ensure you have at least one of the following conditions OOMP, epilepsy, cancer, glaucoma, etc

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