5 High Yielding Cannabis Seed Strains for Maximum Harvest

Best high yielding cannabis strains
June 17, 2023

When cannabis is grown indoors under 20 hours of daily light, many auto-flower seeds will be ready to harvest around 10-11 weeks later; however, feminized seeds typically take about 14 weeks to grow from seed to harvest. That’s five weeks of vegetative growth followed by nine weeks of blooming. Talk Kratom¬†uses the best methods to yield good harvests

For those who grow their own cannabis seeds at home, the speed of harvest is one of the key considerations. People are always looking for fast-flowering cannabis strains. The slower strains may possess plenty of great qualities, but they may not be optimal for you if you need a high harvest rate.

Weed seeds widely vary. It also happens that from time to time, growers find themselves in a position where they need a fast-growing and flowering cannabis strain that they can harvest as quickly as possible.

Here are five high-yielding cannabis strains that you can use to achieve maximum harvest.

1. Bubba Island Kush feminized seeds (7 weeks of bloom)

The buds that are grown from Bubba Island Kush seeds are particularly potent with a powerful anti-anxiety high.

These high THC feminized USA cannabis seeds were created by crossing Granddaddy Purple with OG Kush and a pre ’98 Bubba Kush reverted male. These plants reach an average indoor height of around 1m.

This cannabis strain grows at an alarming rate, making it exciting for growers to work with. She can be ready in 7-7.5 weeks of blooming, preceded by four weeks of vegetative growth, and you’ll be looking at a crop of Grade-A Kush in a total time of 11 weeks.

2. Orange Bud feminized seeds, THC-rich citrus-scented buds (7 weeks of bloom)

Orange Bud continues the grand tradition of being the easiest to grow with an exquisitely enjoyable and long-lasting stress-busting high. It has a mouth-watering taste of sweet, freshly picked oranges.

The orange Bud can be ready to harvest in 7 weeks of bloom coupled with 8 – 8.5 weeks which is typical of most phenotypes. Its fast harvesting capabilities are one of the reasons Orange Bud seeds remained a best-selling orange skunk since the 1980s.

These seeds grow effortlessly in nearly all grow systems and mediums.

If you grow your own cannabis and have a preference for fruity, citrus-tasting sativa strains, you will thoroughly enjoy the combination of heavy yields, potent buds, and fast harvests.

3. Auto Blackberry Kush weed seeds (harvest in 9 weeks)

If you’re looking for quick-flowering cannabis strains, then it won’t get faster than Auto BlackBerry Kush. It’s typically ready around 60 days after germination.

This strain is an Indica-dominant autoflower strain created by crossing a dark-colored, very potent Hash plant and Dutch Passion’s original Blueberry.

It is a resinous Kush plant with phenotypes of stunningly beautiful blue/purple colors.

The autoflower has a complex, fruity, piney/earthy/Kush aroma and tastes and grows vigorously with a large main bloom with many strong side branches, a typical result from an Indica dominant autoflower seed.

4. Auto Blueberry weed seeds (8 weeks from seed to harvest)

Auto Blueberry is a member of the Blue family of weed seeds. They are all related in one way or another to the original Blueberry. Any old-school grower knows that one of their top-10 fruitiest cannabis strains is most likely a Blueberry. The genetics are proven safe over several decades, and they are known for the ideal combination of strong buds with an irresistible taste that some describe as similar to a sweet blueberry muffin.

The fastest Auto Blueberry phenotypes can be ready eight weeks after seed germination. For a quick flowering autoflower seed, there are some that come with the same pedigree and reputation as Auto Blueberry.

5. Purple Queen feminized seeds

Sitting at the top of the indicia throne is the Purple Queen with a calm yet powerful fist. Purple Queen has a genetic background of the Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani. This strain clocks in at 22% THC, which means she can bring you down quickly. As an Indica-dominant, this strain’s soothing, relaxed sensation ensures you a smooth ride to your couch. Purple Queen has a delectable citrus flavor that satisfies your sweet tooth craving while offering a pine aroma for all nature lovers.

Bottom Line

Bubba Island Kush are high THC feminized USA weed seeds that are particularly potent with a powerful anti-anxiety high. These plants are ready to harvest in 7 weeks of bloom. Another strain that takes just as long as the orange feminized seeds, THC-rich citrus scented buds with that perfect citrus smell. If you prefer nice-smelling cannabis plants and fast-harvesting ones, Auto Blackberry Kush cannabis seeds and Auto Blueberry cannabis seeds are the ones for you. Finally, Purple Queen clocks in at 22% THC and provides relaxing sensations.

We hope you find this article insightful.


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