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June 15, 2023

Have you been thinking about growing you’re own crop but don’t know where to buy cannabis seeds? Well, lucky for you we wrote this post to help with just that. Our authors specialise in the marijuana industry and are here to help you out.

In this post, we will talk about the three types of cannabis seeds for sale, the 3 main strains of weed plus terpenes and genetics. It’s essential to know the three main strains of marijuana as each has its own unique characteristics.

The three varieties of weed are as follows;

  1. Indica
  2. Sativa
  3. Ruderalis (Autoflower)

We will talk about each type shortly, but first, we would like to point out, we stock all 3 types of weed seeds at our seedbank.

If you already know what type of cannabis seeds you want, here is our product display for you to browse:

The 3 Types of the Marijuana

3 Types of Cannabis Seeds for Sale

Let’s discuss the 3 main strains of cannabis. Knowing this will allow you to make a more informed decision when buying cannabis seeds over the Internet. It’s important to know this information so you can get the most from your investment. Not only that but when you know this stuff, you know what you’re ultimately getting and growing. Be smart, learn first, and buy after.

1. Indica Cannabis Strain

It is believed that Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, and Turkey were where Cannabis Indica was first found. The plants have become used to the extreme conditions of the climate in the Hindu Kush mountains, which are frequently harsh, dry, and tumultuous.

Indica plants are short and stocky, with bushy foliage and hefty leaves that grow wide and broad. These characteristics distinguish them from Sativa plants, which are taller and thinner. They mature more quickly than Sativa strains, and each plant can provide a greater quantity of bud.

The ratio of CBD to THC that is typically found is as follows: Indica strains typically have higher levels of CBD, but the THC content isn’t always lower.

Commonly associated consequences of use: The highly calming effects of Indica make it a popular choice among consumers. Additionally, it may help relieve pain and nausea, as well as stimulate hunger.

Use throughout the day or night: Due to the profoundly relaxing effects of Indica, it is recommended that it be used during the evening.

Well-known Indica strains: Amnesia Haze, Afghan Kush, and G13 are all examples of Indica strains that are pretty popular.

2. Sativa Marijuana Strain

Cannabis Sativa originated in environments that are predominantly hot, dry, and have a lot of sunshine. Africa, Central America, Southeast Asia, and some parts of Western Asia are all included in this category.

Sativa plants are tall and slender, and their leaves are shaped like fingers. They can reach heights of more than 12 feet, and their maturation process is longer than that of other types of cannabis.

Typical CBD to THC ratio: Sativa strains often have lower CBD concentrations and greater THC concentrations.

Sativa is known to generate a “mind high,” also known as an energising and anxiety-reducing effect. If you consume cannabis strains that are predominately Sativa, you might experience a more productive and creative high, rather than calm and sluggish.

Sativa can be used at any time of day because of its energising effects; however, it is most commonly used during the day.

Well-known Sativa seeds: Godfather OG, Granddaddy Purple, and Durban Poison are three prominent Sativa strains, and Acapulco Gold is one of the most popular Indica strains.

3. Ruderalis (Autoflower) Weed Strain

There is also a third variety of cannabis, which is known as Cannabis Ruderalis. On its own, it is not very popular because, in most cases, it does not produce any significant effects (it’s not very potent).

The Ruderalis plant is native to places with harsh climates, including the Himalayan areas of India, Eastern Europe, Siberia, and Russia. Its origin is unknown. These plants develop at a rapid rate, making them ideally suited to the chilly and dimly lit surroundings of these locations.

Ruderalis grows as a compact, bushy plant which typically reaches a height of no more than 12 inches at its most mature stage, but they mature quite quickly. In around 3 months, one can go from planting the seed to harvesting rather quickly.

The ratio of CBD to THC in a common strain looks like this: it has a low THC content and a high CBD content, but the THC content may not be high enough to generate any noticeable effects.

The low potency of Ruderalis means that it is not typically used for either medicinal or recreational purposes. This is because of the low percentage of psychoactive elements like THC and CBD.

This cannabis type produces weak effects, however, cannabis growers may cross Ruderalis with other types of cannabis, such as Sativa or Indica, in order to produce more desirable strains higher in THC and CBD etc which can be grown from seed to harvest in 3 months.

Well-known Ruderalis (Autoflower) seeds: Auto AK-47, Auto Sour Diesel and Lowryder are amazing Autos for first-time growers.

Genetics of Marijuana
Cannabis Genetics are essential for a successful crop.

What to Look for in a Cannabis Strain: Genetics Explained

Learning about the genetics of cannabis is the most critical step in selecting the perfect cannabis seed for you. Due to cannabis genetics varying in smell, taste, and feel of the plant, it’s essential to know the strain’s background before buying. Researching cannabis genetics can be used to make educated guesses about the possible qualities of a strain, as well as about how your body will respond to it.

For instance, my physical makeup does not react favourably to Black Jack strains. Black Jack is a strain of cannabis that is a hybrid that was created by crossing Jack Herer and Black Domino. It has a flavour and aroma that are reminiscent of sweet, herbal, spicy and woody. The effect is different for me than it is for most fans of Black Jack because of its reputation for being generally energising, elevating, and fantastic for maximising daytime productivity. Because smoking Black Jack causes me to feel jittery and my mind to race, I avoid strains that contain Black Jack in their genetic ancestry and strains that have a similar terpene profile. I also avoid strains that have terpene profiles that are similar to it.

The 3 Types of Cannabis Seeds

Other things to consider when you’re about to purchase marijuana seeds online is the seed type. There are also 3 types of cannabis seeds for sale in most seedbanks online in the USA and around the world.

  1. Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  2. Autoflower Marijuana Seeds
  3. Regular Weed Seeds

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis seeds that are labelled feminized simply mean that the plant will grow into a female 99% of the time. These seeds have been altered for growers who want buds and do not turn into a male. Males do not flower, instead, they produce pollen sacs that can open up and spread to female weed plants – inducing them to produce seeds. To some cannabis growers, this is a nightmare as buds will have seeds all throughout it which affects their consumption, quality and sale value. Some growers though, use male plants to purposely pollinate female marijuana plants to breed them. That’s how new cannabis seeds for sale are made.

Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Autoflower weed strains as the name suggests simply means that a seed of this type will grow from seed to harvest in 3 months. This is made possible by crossing Ruderalis with Sativa or Indica – or both. This variety of marijuana is perfect for those with limited space and time. Autoflower strains grow at a maximum height of 12 inches – making them perfect for indoor growing. If you have a small space for growing, try out Auto strains to make the most of it. If you have a bigger area but want quick grow, you can use Autoflower seeds to cultivate a quick crop and still get massive yields.

Regular Weed Seeds

Regular marijuana seeds may be an obvious guess. These cannabis seeds may produce either male or female cannabis plants. If you’re intending on breeding weed strains, regular seeds are the choice for you. You can encourage regular cannabis seeds to be either male or female. Once you have a female cannabis plant of desirable quality and you like its effects, consider choosing regular seeds to get a male and breed them with your preferred female plant. You can call yourself a backyard breeder then.

Meaning of cannabis terpenes

Getting Familiar with the Terpene Profiles of Cannabis

Terpenes are aromatic chemicals that are found in cannabis and are responsible for the flavor and scent profiles of cannabis plants. Limonene, pinene, caryophyllene, and myrcene are some examples of particular terpenes that can be found in cannabis. Each one contributes in its own unique way to the overall plant.

According to recent research, the full experience of consuming cannabis is likely produced by a complex interaction between the cannabinoid and flavonoid profiles of the plant and the terpenes that it contains. Terpene profiles, as a result of this, are seen to be the most important guide to follow in order to gain an understanding of the effects that are unique to particular strains. For instance, limonene is known for its elevating effects, whilst linalool is known for its soothing effects.

I avoid cannabis strains that have the same sweet, herbal, spicy and woody profile as Black Jack, even if they aren’t related to it. This is because the sweet, herbal, spicy and woody profile is one of Black Jack’s most recognisable characteristics. On the other hand, I have an immediate reaction to the Zkittlez strain, as well as everything that has been crossed with it. Zkittlez, which is a hybrid of Grape Ape, Grapefruit, and an unidentified strain, has a flavour and aroma reminiscent of fruity candies, and the majority of strains that have been crossed with it have inherited this characteristic. Because each of these strains has an aroma and flavour reminiscent of fruity candies, smoking any of them always makes me feel calm and relaxed, and it also makes it much simpler for me to keep up with my about one thousand miles per hour rate of thought.

When selecting your preferred cannabis strains, in addition to who bred it, who grew it, and the genetic lineage, you most definitely don’t want to neglect what’s right in front of your face, which is how a strain smells and tastes. This is because the genetics of a strain are passed down from generation to generation.

Cannabis Seeds for Sale: Final Words

If you know what you want and are confidently ready to view our cannabis seeds for sale, visit our USA seed bank here. We stock a great variety of marijuana seeds to purchase and we’re never out of stock. We also offer free weed seeds with some strains such as White Widow Feminized, Super Skunk Feminized and Girl Scout Cookies Extreme.

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