What Are the Different Types of Cannabis Seeds?

The three different types of cannabis seeds
September 19, 2021

It’s true—big things always come in small packages. Massive buds chock-full of cannabinoids, terpenes, oils, and lush green leaves that reach for the stars all start out as tiny cannabis seeds.

However, not all weed seeds are made equally. Depending on where in the USA you buy your cannabis seeds can make all the difference between a bumper crop or a sad yield.

You’ll also need to pick the right kind of cannabis seed for your garden. Depending on where and how you intend to grow means you’ll need the correct type of cannabis seed.

If you’d like to know all about the different types of cannabis seeds and which cannabis seedbank in the USA has the best selection of high-quality seeds, then continue reading below.

The Different Types of Cannabis Seeds

To the naked eye, every cannabis seed looks more or less the same. Each seed is the size of a peppercorn, ovular in shape, and is usually brown.

However, there are three distinct types of cannabis seeds you’ll find in cannabis seedbanks around the USA—regular, feminized, and autoflower.

Regular Seeds

Regular seeds are the seeds that come from a female cannabis plant that’s been pollinated by a male cannabis plant. The resulting seeds are ‘regular’ because the seeds can be either male or female.

That means once you pop or germinate the seeds, you’ll likely have 50% male and 50% female cannabis plants. A little more work is required with regular seeds because you’ll need to kill off your male plants—that is, unless you want seedy weed.

Feminized Seeds

Feminized seeds are the go-to option for most cannabis growers because each seed is almost guaranteed to germinate into a female plant. That takes out all the hard work and extra effort of weeding out unwanted male plants.

Feminized seeds are made by forcing a female plant to grow pollen-sacs, then pollinating the flowers with its own pollen. Thanks to this genetic trickery, each seed that grows from this self-pollination will be female.

However, male plants can still sprout, although it’s incredibly rare. That means you’ll still need to stay vigilant and watch for the development of male pollen-sacs.

Autoflower Seeds

Autoflower seeds are non-photoperiod seeds, meaning they don’t depend on a changing light schedule to flip into flowering. They will automatically flip into flowering mode depending on age, which typically happens after 2-4 weeks of growth.

Most cannabis plants are photoperiod plants, meaning that they flower depending on the hours of light they get. That’s why for feminized and regular cannabis seeds, you need to switch a light schedule to 12/12 to start flowering—but not with autoflower seeds.

Find the Perfect Weed Seeds for Your Garden

If you’re looking for the highest-quality cannabis seeds, then you’ll want to head over to Weed Seeds USA. This incredible seedbank has a broad and diverse range of autoflower, feminized, and regular seeds to choose from.

What you won’t find are underdeveloped or shoddy seeds that plague other seedbanks in the USA. On top of that, you’ll get your seeds quickly, discreetly, and ready for germination.

Start your cannabis garden on the right foot by ordering cannabis seeds from Weed Seeds USA.

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  • http://Freddie%20Edwards

    It’s going to be open season for growing weed soon (at least where I live) so I’m trying to learn all I can about growing. I know that if I’m buying American marijuana seeds, I don’t need to have to sort between male and female seeds. Thanks for the info on feminized seeds and why they’re so important.

  • I was just reading your article about how to choose the best seeds for cannabis. I’m finally about to embark on growing my own and I want to buy cannabis seeds in the USA from a place I trust, both for the quality of the seeds and the reputability of the seller. The information gives me a better idea of what to get for my growing conditions. I didn’t even know about autoflower seeds until I read this!

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