Are weed seeds legal in Oklahoma?

December 25, 2021

Well my 420 friendly friend. You’re about to find out!

Okay okay.. so you want to know more about buying cheap weed seeds and sparking up your joints with the boys at parties without getting arrested in Oklahoma and if that’s even possible right?

In 2018, Oklahoma became the 30th state to legalize marijuana for medicinal use.

By this point you who like to party, and you who are planning to go on a holiday to Oklahoma to meet some hunnies and smoke a little weed are probably stoned out of your minds right now thinking “just tell me if it’s legal for recreational use in Oklahoma already” unfortunately, the answer is no. Only medicinal use is permitted for now.

According to the law of Oklahoma surrounding the Kush, the devil’s lettuce, and marijuana cigarettes you and your caregivers are going to need a license for that kind of thing sorry!

But in Oklahoma you are allowed the following.

Up to 8 ounces within a household
1 ounce of cannabis concentrate
3 ounces with them
6 seedlings at home
6 adult cannabis plants
72 ounces of edibles

The startling rise in medical pot dispensaries since voters legalized it in 2018 raises a few questions, however. Such as

“Why is the mainstream media not covering this?”

I’ll tell you why because they don’t believe in you, the people of Oklahoma City!

All you ever hear about is this country is “freedom” to do whatever, smoke if you will as long is doesn’t hurt anyone.

Well guess what Oklahoma the 420 family has got to stick together but please light up a in rebellion.

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Of course, not we’ve got something far greater than that for you.

The ability to think for yourself and use your God given rights to you the American people of Oklahoma City that’s right folks!

You have the right to read articles about cannabis telling you the truth and not lies.

The truth is in the state of Oklahoma you can open up a grow operation, a processing operation and a distribution operation for medical marijuana – all 3 in one however you do need a license for all three of those subjects so in Oklahoma the license for a grow processing and a distribution operation is $2500.

So, what do you need to apply for the license itself? Well, anyone who applies for the license needs to be at least 25 years of age and needs to be an Oklahoma resident.

Now you can also open these operations underneath a business entity, but you must provide proof that 75 percent of the LLC state is in an Oklahoma residence.

Note: we do not condone the use of alcohol, gambling or drugs such cannabis.


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2 thoughts on “Are weed seeds legal in Oklahoma?”

  • http://Freddie%20Edwards

    I am so sick of states that allow people to use cannabis for medical purposes but not recreation. I’ll forego the weed is safer than “X” (even though it’s true). I’m hopeful sites like yours will not only give people information on how to buy cannabis seeds in the USA, but what’s legal in each state.

  • http://Ty%20Hutchinson

    The Devil’s Lettuce. Wasn’t that term used by Ned Flanders on the Simpsons? Ha ha. Looks like Oklahoma hasn’t caught up with most of the USA. The upside is that people have more ways to buy cannabis seeds in the USA whether you live in Oklahoma or Florida. I wish the USA would get with the program in decriminalizing weed at the state and federal level.

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