Why Blueberry Autoflower Cannabis Strain Is A Favorite Amongst Growers?

Blueberry marijuana strain USA review
July 6, 2023

Gardening is a healthy activity that is enjoyed by all ages. It’s relaxing and self-soothing, and the presence of nature will give off a calm and relaxing feeling. The feeling grows when you plant beautiful flora like kratom gold strains, marigolds, and aluminium plants. If you wish to start planting for its mental health benefits, beautiful features, and attractive smell; but don’t wish to put too much time and effort into maintaining, then you can opt to grow blueberry Autoflowers Cannabis. This plant is a favourite among gardeners, especially beginners because they: 

1) Are Easy to grow 

Blueberry is a vigorous auto-flower strain that is entirely appropriate for beginners both in and outside the home. This remarkable strain belongs to the “Blue Family” and contains exceptional anti-insect and antimicrobial properties. 

They became famous not just for their aroma and flavour but because they’re easy to grow, mature quickly, and have attractive colours. 

These auto flowers practically grow on their own and take about 8-9 weeks to go from seeds to harvest. Yet its ideal conditions are under a sunny spot outside, as this benefits the plant’s final size and the buds’ quality. The best way to grow them from seeds is through a process called germination. However, if they don’t receive enough sun, even after sprouting, they’ll still grow, but the buds would look more fluffy, and the yield would be less. 

2) Produce a Good Amount of Yield 

Blueberry cannabis has a pleasant reputation for its incredibly high yields as compared to other strains. It can produce excellent yield in a variety of growing conditions and gives the best 

results under the open sun. They are relatively easy to grow. A beginner could yield around 35-75g of plants outdoors. While in an indoor controlled environment, it’ll produce around 600g. 

Blueberry Autoflowers are relatively small plants that, when grown without intervention, can provide many survival benefits, i.e. they’re less susceptible to fungi. However, if we maintain them under the right conditions, a couple of blueberry auto flowers would grow a little more extensively and truly huge.   

Many experts trim the top of the plant as it grows and gradually shape it into a bush. This little method takes very little time and effort but helps the plant put more focus and resources into developing more buds. Moreover, this simple trick will help prevent a powdery fungus called mildew from developing on them. This mould favours top-heavy plants. 

3) Have Favourable Genetics 

Blueberry Autoflowers aren’t naturally grown plants. They were genetically made to contain the characteristics needed to become favourable to us. Blueberry Autoflowers were formulated by crossing the genes from a female blueberry plant with an indica-prevailing auto-flower.  

By backcrossing up to the F4 age, it was able to bring about a completely developed blueberry. After this, the F4 self-pollinated to make F5 seeds. This whole process enabled a strain that harbours auto-flowering characteristics like smaller plants that are easier to manage and grow. 

The Blueberry cannabis strain was created back in the 70s when an American breeder called DJ Short was experimenting with different landrace strains. After he succeeded, DJ Short and his team released the strain, which became extremely popular due to its quality genetics and blueberry aroma.  

Now, thanks to its top-notch genetics, you can grow your own Blueberry Autoflowers that allow you to harvest up to 500 gr/m2 in as little as 9 weeks. This Indica-dominant strain produces up to 22% of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and grows around 110cm. 

4) Have a Quick Flowering Time 

Blueberry Autoflowers are a variant that was revamped by the Fast Buds team, and thanks to its outstanding genetics, they take about 8-9 weeks to ripen fully. The signs of flowers show around week 4 of its life stage, and by two weeks, your plant should be in full-flower mode and show little buds ready to mature. The flowering time makes them one of the fastest auto flowers available.  

Auto blueberries have compact flowers that remain medium in size. Most of them will stay around 50-75cm. However, in perfect growing conditions, for example, a hydro system, this strain can grow above 100 cm. 

During their short growing cycle, blueberry auto-flower cannabis uses most of its energy to maintain its primary bud; usually, only a few side buds can be found ( even in a favourable environment ), making the plant ideal for a SOG setup. However, many people opt for a more decorative style, like in gardens or pots, as it is more pleasing to look at. 

5) Have Impactful and Easy to Handle Buds 

Blueberry Autoflowers buds appear around six weeks of their life span. During this period, your plant will only require around 10-20 ounces of water every two to three days. They are firm with a blueberry smell and can deliver a strong blueberry scent when grown in their ideal conditions. They are overflowing with trichomes, and when taken as prescribed, they can provide a healthy dose of desensitising.  

Most of these plants have a shaggy character, a tough fundamental sprout, and just little side blossoms. 

6) Smell and Taste 

Blueberry auto-flower cannabis gained its genetic qualities from the blueberry plant. Giving it a lovely blueberry scent and its delectable taste. The Blueberry flavour is sublime, fruity and sometimes resembles sweet grapes. A more earthy flavour sometimes accompanies the fruity notes because of their Afghani heritage. 

It’s important to remember that despite this strain’s alluring smell and flavour, blueberry auto flowers cannabis is still a type of natural drug. It contains active chemicals called cannabinoids that cause drug-like effects throughout the body.  

Doctors are trying to find ways to incorporate this into medical use, but until more information is present, it’d be best to refrain from using or overusing this plant as a food product. 


Gardening helps reduce stress and gives a person more calm and a little slice of peace. By planting blueberry auto-flower cannabis, you’ll gain all the benefits of gardening while putting in minimum time and effort. Their scent and looks are attractive, are easy to maintain, and can strive in almost every condition. 

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